Client Charter

Published: Thursday, 20 April 2017




Client Charter

We are committed to providing efficient, professional, ethical and friendly service to our customers as follows:


l To ensure Academic Faculty Handbook distributed during the first week of admission of new students in each academic session.

l To ensure that students have made the semester registration via IMS system within two (2) weeks of classes begin for each semester

l To ensure instructional design (RI) and teaching materials can be accessed in  MyGURU at the first week of lecture

l To ensure coursework marks are displayed for review student at week 13 lecture.

l To ensure that students receive academic guidance and counseling at least three (3) times per semester

l To ensure that all application activities / programs that are complete for graduation are responded to within seven (7) working days.

l To ensure equipment and instruments for laboratory / workshop / store / studio is ready for use no later than 10 minutes before classes begin

l To ensure the list of recipients of the Dean of the certificate is displayed two (2) weeks after the approval of the Senate

l To ensure that customer complaints are responded to within 24 hours

l To ensure desk service for any questions treated within five (5) minutes.